9 Tips to Reduce Sore Eyes

The physical signs of aging may actually be eye problems and may be a precursor to a loss of your sight.

Tips for addressing some of these signs are as follows:

  1. Do not exceed 20 hours of screen time per week
  2. Protect your eyes from the start, by stopping yourself from peering at the sun for a prolonged period of time
  3. Do not game for long periods of time on a computer. If you must, use a blue light filter or blue light glasses
  4. ; avoid pulling the display out of its computer case for prolonged periods of time

This is by no means a exhaustive list, but it will get you started.

  1. Don’t wear contact lenses all day every day, give your eyes a rest to breathe
  2. Do not touch your eyes with your hands when you are wearing contacts
  3. Don’t vigourously rub your eyes when they are wet.
  4. Protect your eyes while on a sunny beach by hats, sunglasses and towels.
  5. Before visiting your Optometrist Ask your doctor to write down the medications you are taking and any concerns you might have to see whether there could be any conflicting issues which cause problems